Lozier S-Series Backroom Shelving

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Mid-America Store Fixtures sells high-quality used Lozier S-Series shelving, ready to be used in just about any retail setting. Located in Columbus, OH, we currently ship shelving nationally, with depots in Georgia and Ohio. No matter the purpose, we have the Lozier shelving you need to get up and running at full capacity!

The Advantages of S-Series Backroom Shelving

S-Series Backroom Shelving from Lozier uniquely integrates structural steel and pristine wood construction for added strength, durability and overall product value. This shelving comes pre-assembled to make installation a breeze!

Included in each order are the steel uprights, one-piece shelves and crossbraces.

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The Items We Currently Have In-Stock

Item Item # Item Size
Upright SSU1284 12″ x 84″
Upright SSU1296 12″ x 96″
Upright SSU12120 12″ x 120″
Upright SSU12144 12″ x 144″
Upright SSU1884 18″ x 84″
Upright SSU1896 18″ x 96″
Upright SSU18120 18″ x 120″
Upright SSU18144 18″ x 144″
Upright SSU2484 24″ x 84″
Upright SSU2496 24″ x 96″
Upright SSU24120 24″ x 120″
Upright SSU24144 24″ x 144″
Upright SSU3084 30″ x 84″
Upright SSU3096 30″ x 96″
Upright SSU30120 30″ x 120″
Upright SSU30144 30″ x 144″
Shelf SS312 36″ x 12″
Shelf SS318 36″ x 18″
Shelf SS324 36″ x 24″
Shelf SS330 36″ x 30″
Shelf SS412 48″ x 12″
Shelf SS418 48″ x 18″
Shelf SS424 48″ x 24″
Shelf SS430 48″ x 30″

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Our shelving is most commonly used in the following retail outlets:

  • Grocery or Supermarkets
  • Convenience
  • Drug or Pharmacy
  • Dollar or Discount
  • Liquor or Beer
  • Hardware
  • Farm or Feed Supply
  • Pet Stores
  • Beauty Supply
  • Pawn Shops
  • Vapor or Smoke Shops
  • Auto Parts
  • Gun Shops
  • Paper & Stationery
  • Hobby Shops
  • Thrift or Consignment
  • Electronics or Computer Repair
  • Home Improvement

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