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Used Gondola Shelving for Columbus, Ohio and Nationwide Customers

Mid-America Store Fixtures sells used gondola shelving perfect for any type of retail space. We are located in Columbus, Ohio, but can ship to any location in the United States. Shelving brands include Madix and Lozier. Whether you need display shelves for a double-sided unit, wall unit or end cap, we have the metal shelving that’s right for you!

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Lozier and Madix Gondola Shelving

Lozier and Madix gondola shelving are available in platinum, white and silver. We have a large selection of both types.

Our shelving is commonly used in the following retail outlets:

  • Grocery or Supermarkets
  • Convenience
  • Drug or Pharmacy
  • Dollar or Discount
  • Liquor or Beer
  • Hardware
  • Farm or Feed Supply
  • Pet Stores
  • Beauty Supply
  • Pawn Shops
  • Vapor or Smoke Shops
  • Auto Parts
  • Gun Shops
  • Paper & Stationery
  • Hobby Shops
  • Thrift or Consignment
  • Electronics or Computer Repair
  • Home Improvement

Benefits of Well-Placed Retail Shelving

A smart and clever way to increase your retail sales is to create an effective traffic flow in your store so that customers can move freely from aisle to aisle. By including a positioning strategy in the arrangement of your used gondola shelving, you will be able to display products more visibly so shoppers have a greater chance of picking up items that normally they may overlook.

Benefits of Buying Used Gondola Shelving

Purchasing used fixtures is not only cost-effective. It is also environmentally responsible. Repurposing and refurbishing are ways of taking used items and reallocating them for new purposes. This keeps materials out of landfills and limits the drain on natural resources such as timber, petroleum and fibers therefore protecting the Earth.

Mid-America Store Fixtures is based in Columbus, Ohio, and we ship anywhere in the U.S.A.

If you want to buy gondola shelving at a great price, contact us.

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