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Shelving, Fixture & Equipment for Clients Across The Country

Mid-America Store Fixtures buys, stocks and sells a wide selection of quality used fixtures and equipment that will save you money compared with buying new. Based in Columbus, Ohio, we sell to customers, such as warehouses and retail stores, nationwide and can ship your anywhere in the United States.

Gondola Shelving For Stores

Mid-America Store Fixtures is the premier destination for gently used gondola shelving.  We buy, stock and sell Lozier and Madix brand shelving.  Available in colors ranging from white to black and custom pulled to fit your specific fixture plan, outfitting your store with used gondola shelving can save you thousands of dollars.  With our huge in-stock inventory, we can deliver your shelving in a fraction of the time compared to ordering new.   To contact us about buying or selling used gondola shelving, click on the button below.

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Storage Solutions for Stores, Shops & Warehouses

In addition to outfitting your sales floor, Mid-America Store Fixtures offers a wide selection of back of house storage shelving and pallet racking.  To contact us about buying or selling used pallet rack and storage shelving, click on the button below.

Material Handling Solutions

From pallet jacks and stock carts to shopping carts and flex conveyor, Mid-America Store Fixtures saves you money by offering an ever-changing inventory of gently used material handling equipment.  To contact us about buying or selling used material handling equipment, click on the button below.

Product Showcase Solutions

With both new and used options in stock for immediate delivery, Mid-America store fixtures has the showcase solutions you’ve been looking for.  To contact us about buying or selling showcases, click on the button below.

Are you looking for options to merchandise your product? Our full line of previously owned retail merchandisers include slatwall and accessories, gridwall and accessories, garment racks, display tables, showcases, counters and mannequins.

Additional Retail Shelving Products & Services We Offer Include:

  • Used Pallet Racking

  • Light Duty Pallet Racking

  • Backroom Shelving

  • Conveyor Rack

  • Carton Flow Rack

  • Cantilever Rack

  • Pallet Jacks

  • Two Wheel Dollies

  • Rolling Ladders

  • Material Handling Carts

  • Forklifts

  • Shopping Carts

If you want to buy gondola shelving, pallet racking, or backroom shelving, contact us. Mid-America Store Fixtures is based in Columbus, Ohio, and we ship anywhere in the U.S.A.

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