Retail Liquidation Services

High Return Liquidations, Auctions & Solutions to Clear Out Excess Inventory

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Mid-America Store Fixtures provides retail liquidation services, FF&E liquidation resources and inventory clear-out support to nationwide retailers, grocers and big box stores. If you have store fixtures you wish to sell because of a remodel, an upgrade or a store closure, we will provide all the necessary support and assistance from beginning to end.

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Your FF&E Asset Liquidation Specialists

Mid-America Store Fixtures is with you every step of the way, from scoping out an accurate timeline and estimating your return, to bringing the facility to landlord-approved “broom clean condition” – and removing all assets not fixed to the building, including equipment, furniture, shelving, fixtures and more. Our expertise typically lies within grocery, retail, pharmacy, warehouse and distribution facilities, but we have the know-how and experience to adapt our process to just about any unique circumstance you may have!

The Liquidation Services We Offer Include:

    • Facility/Location/Store/Warehouse Clear Out
    • Liquidation Sale
    • Auction Sale
    • Asset Valuation/Due Diligence
    • Asset Brokering

The MIDASF Liquidation Process:

  1. Assess the inventory
  2. Discuss the time frame
  3. Plan realistic goals
  4. Determine the best process for liquidating your assets

*Depending on the scope of the project and the time available, several different options will be discussed.

Option 1: Rapid Inventory Liquidation

This is a useful option when time is critical and a fast turnaround is ideal. For a negligible fee, our team will arrive, disassemble, palletize and ship everything out of your store within a matter of days. Your store will be ready for remodel or to turn over to the landlord in a “broom clean” condition.

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Option 2: Onsite Liquidation

The Onsite Liquidation has merit when there is ample time to conduct an onsite sale of your assets. Mid-America Store Fixtures will facilitate and oversee every aspect of this process. While your store remains open, we will invite the general public as well as research-specific, targeted buyers to purchase your used fixtures and equipment.

Timely Execution, Clear Communication & Promises Met

As an industry leader, MIDASF thoroughly understands the inventory liquidation process. We grasp your need for a timely and consistent solution. Throughout our tenure, we have fine-tuned our operation to minimize wasted time and maximize your return. We have established a network of professional crews throughout the nation that can handle the job with a high level of accountability. From beginning to end (and even beyond), MIDASF is here to help you get the best return on your assets.

Mid-America Store Fixtures Is Here To Help

Are you a construction company performing a rebuild for new tenants? A property management agency that needs to make space ready for marketing or to turn over to new residents? Or are you a retail store that has to close its doors, but wants to get as much back as possible? No matter whether you’re closing, renovating or just relocating, get in touch with us today to learn about our rapid and onsite liquidation services!


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